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The ClearCause Foundation Founder Sites WSU Study Abroad

April 3, 2012

 According to an article in the Southend, Sheryl Hill, founder of  Clearcausefoundation.org, a nonprofit public policy organization that provides information to help parents and youth take positive steps to mitigate risks on programs abroad says, "WSU programs at least seem to be safer than many other study abroad programs."

"I did some research on Wayne State though, and I have to say that I was impressed," she said. "They do so much more than most."

Tips from the ClearCauseFoundation for traveling abroad safely:

1. Research the program in your state and the state the program operates out of before you sign up. Ask your state's attorney general for complaints against the program; check the Better Business Bureau rating for the program and the parent company operating the program; if it's with a university, ask for the Clery Act, Student Right to Know Security Policy and Crime Statistics on Campus; and perform an Internet search for the name of the program. If it won't report the number of accidents, deaths, rapes, illnesses they've experienced - in entirety - pick a different program.

2. Purchase international healthcare, medical assistance, security and repatriation services from a reputable provider. It's a relatively low-cost investment to safeguard your health and minimize security risks abroad.

3. Be prepared for an emergency before you go. Check with the U.S. Department of State for the U.S. Embassy nearest where you'll be staying and keep your U.S. Embassy consular's name, address and phone number with you at all times. Also make sure you know how to dial emergency services abroad - it's only 911 in the U.S.