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Art & Humanities
Russia: A Month in Moscow at the Moscow Art Theatre School
England: Magical Mystery Tour through Pop Culture in London and Liverpool
  • This program travels to London and Liverpool, England for Spring Break
  • Students will study the impact of the Beatles on our country and the world
  • Undergraduate and graduate students may apply
  • Courses available: Directed Study ENG 5990 (1-3 credits)
  • Program Overview
  • Program Application
  • WSU Guest Participant Application
France: University Francois-Rabelais Exchange
  • Students attend the University Francois-Rabelais in Tours, France
  • This exchange program allows students who are fluent in French to take classes in any Liberal Arts and Sciences discipline
  • Students from any Wayne State college or school are eligible to apply provided their plans are approved by the department where they expect to earn their degrees
  • The exchange can last either one or two semesters, although students strongly are urged to consider staying for two semesters is possible
  • Program Overview
  • Program Application
  • Tours Website
Canada: University of Windsor Exchange
  • Students may take courses for one semester or a full year
  • Students may take courses in various subjects that are not offered at WSU
  • Undergraduate and Graduate students are eligible to apply
  • Semester Course Listing
  • Program Application
Italy: Wayne in Abruzzo
  • Four week summer program to Gagliano Aterno, Italy
  • Students can earn 8 credits in Italian language and culture
  • Opportunity to experience traditional Italian culture
  • Undergraduates and graduate students may apply
  • Courses offered: ITA 1010, ITA 2010, ITA 2710, ITA 3100, ITA 5150, ITA 5990
  • Program Overview
  • WSU Student Program Application
  • WSU Guest Participant Program Application
  • Wayne in Abruzzo Info video
  • Scholarship Opportunity
Korea: Pukyong National University
Korea: Keimyung University