How much will my program cost and how can I pay for it?

In addition to paying your tuition, you will also need to pay for the cost of the program and any additional expenses. Some program fees are all-inclusive —airfare, housing, meals, excursions, etc. are covered. You will only need a little extra spending money for things such as some meals and incidentals. Some program fees cover very little and you will need to purchase things like airfare on your own.  You may ask a Study Abroad Advisor to help you estimate costs for your particular program.

Sometimes students don't understand how they have access to funds or how funding works. Click here to read a short guide to frequently asked questions.

We highly encourage you to apply financial aid to offset the costs. Sources of funding include:

Some students have been able to raise funds by asking friends, family members, and their community to sponsor them.

Listed below are some additional resources: