Choosing a Program

Want to travel, but not sure what program is right for you? A few things to consider:

Program Length

  • A nice, short spring break abroad?
  • An entire semester?
  • Something in between?

Program Length

  • Are you a Computer Science major? Education? Liberal Arts? Biological Sciences?
  • Do you want to fill a general education requirement? An elective? A major requirement?
  • Do you want to learn a language? Or currently studying one?
  • Want to do a directed study?


  • Eat crepes in France, or see the rest of Europe?
  • Visit the pyramids in Egypt, or go to Lebanon and the Middle East?
  • Or maybe your interests are in Africa, Asia, or South America?

Still not sure about which Study Abroad program is right for you? Then email to ask advisor questions or set up an advising appointment and you'll be on your way!  (Send an email to or call (313) 577-3207.)