Program Duration

Not really sure how long you want to stay abroad? Well, you have three choices for duration of programs. There are multiple programs during Spring Break (March 11-20th), as well as Fall/Winter Semesters, and Summer/Spring Semesters, few of which include 3 week programs.

  • Spring Break: Consider a quick cultural immersion over the course of 9 days. We offer a Spanish cultural and linguistic immersion program in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. Or visit London and Liverpool and experience the profound effect that the Beatles had on culture. Tu parlais francais? Then fly away to Paris, to examine art and architecture. Or maybe, if you would like to gain clinical experience, then you can join other students and visit Nairobi, Kenya. All of these trips take place from March 11-20th, perfect time to get away from Michigan weather and have an amazing cultural experience in a very short period of time!
  • Short Term: Although these do not take place during Spring Break, we have multiple programs that are between 2 and 4 weeks long as well as 7 weeks long. One of these programs is in Brazil, studying Afro-Brazilian Politics and Society. You will spend 2½ weeks in Brazil as well as Salvador and Bahia. Or travel to the other side of the world, and visit China! While gaining deep insights into traditional Chinese life, you will be able to fulfill your CHI 3990 credits in only two weeks! If none of these are perfect for you, you can visit Ghana, Benin, and Togo for 3 weeks, 2 weeks in Poland, 4 weeks in Russia, or 2 weeks in Spain. If you are looking to spend more time, but not a full semester then we have programs for you as well! How does Cairo sound to you? Travel to the land of the pharaohs and study in the picturesque Egypt at the American University in Cairo for 7 weeks. Or you can visit Italy for 6 weeks and stay in a 13th century monastery. Although these might be shorter programs, you will gain profound knowledge and broaden your cultural perspectives!
  • Semester/ Year-Long: Our semester and year long programs will enhance not only your language skills but will change your perspective of the world. Interested in learning about South America? Then you can spend a semester in Brazil at one of the three universities. Asia? Go to China and study Language and Commerce in Shanghai, one of the world's business centers. Huge soccer fan? Study in Manchester, England at the beautiful University of Salford. If none of these are catching your eye, don't worry, we still have many other programs across the world for you to be part of.

Did you decide on the duration for your desired Study Abroad program? Or do you want to decide based on subject area or location? If not, Ask an Advisor and have them assist you in deciding which program is right for you! (Email or call (313) 577-3207.)