Program Location

There are over 22 countries in which you can study abroad, but where to go?

Africa:  Are you interested in exploring the rich and diverse cultures of Africa?  We offer two programs that will allow you to either travel to Egypt for 7 weeks or a combination of Ghana, Benin, and Togo for 3 weeks in the summer.

Asia: 你好! Ni hao! Are you interested in traveling to China or Japan? We have three programs that travel to China either for 2 weeks or a semester-long exchange. While experiencing the Chinese culture, you can either help teach English in impoverished communities, experience the general life during a home stay, or study commerce and business. If you interested in traveling to Japan, we offer two programs for either two weeks, staying a host family, or a semester studying at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities. If you are looking for a program in Russia, we also offer a summer trip to Moscow.

Middle East: Two summer study abroad programs are available for those who are interested in learning about the culture and diversity of West Bank and Lebanon. While studying at the Lebanese American University, you can study multiple Arabic Language Courses as well as explore the beautiful surroundings. On the other hand, you can travel to Israel and West bank and study the history of the Modern Middle East, as well as politics and culture.

Europe: Whether you would like to spend six weeks in the beautiful countryside of Abruzzo, Italy or travel through other marvelous European cities, we have a wide variety of programs for you.  In England, we offer two programs, the Magical Mystery Tour through Pop Culture, which takes to you London and Liverpool over the duration of Spring Break. The second program is the University of Salford, Manchester, England exchange, where you can focus on studying such classes as Political Science, History, Sociology and Urban Studies. In France, we also offer a spring break program, which focuses on art and architecture in Paris. Other programs in Europe include a 2 week trip traveling through Poland, 6 weeks in Italy, and multiple programs that travel to Spain.

The Americas:  Thinking about the spicy Latin life in Brazil? You can visit Brazil for a semester and study at one of the three culturally rich universities. Or experience the Afro-Brazilian history, and culture for two weeks, as well as visit Salvador, and Bahia. If you would like to visit Mexico, we offer programs for Fall, Winter and Summer semesters, where you can study at the Universidad Veracruzana.