Cost and Payment Information

Your total cost will include program fees (cost of travel and accommodations) and some additional expenses (for example in-country transportation, entry fees to sites, guide services, health insurance, etc.), depending on your program. Unless specifically stated, your program fees do not include the cost of tuition and fees for the course(s) you are required to be registered in when participating in the program. Specific details are outlined on each program page.

PLEASE NOTE: Payments made directly to Study Abroad & Global Programs must be made by logging into your Application Portal. We no longer accept payments in our office. We can not accept cash.  Additionally, if you are making payments within 30 days of program departure, you MUST pay with a credit card, cashier's check or money order (not a personal check).

Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 is required to process each program application.

Program Fees: These fees are paid directly to the WSU Study Abroad & Global Programs Office. The payments must be made by logging into your Application Portal.  Program fees generally include expenses such as airfare, accommodations, travel insurance, field trip fees and guides, but differ for each program. Please refer to the specific webpage for each program's cost.

Tuition: You must pay the tuition costs and all associated registration fees for these classes and any books and materials that the program faculty leader requires.  You are responsible for registering for the specific courses associated with your study abroad program, after program course holds have been released.  Courses for each program are listed on the webpage for that trip. In addition to program cost, students will pay current published fees to WSU at the appropriate level through the normal tuition payment process. Students with questions regarding the tuition and fee assessment rate may contact Registration and Scheduling at (313) 577-3541 or view:    

Additional Estimated Costs: Fees for passports, transportation, some meals and personal expenses will affect your total program expenditure. Many of these costs vary according to your personal lifestyle. When possible, additional fees are listed on each program's webpage.

Deposits & Payments: A non-refundable deposit (credited to your program fee) is required for each program. The deposit amount varies for each trip and is due upon acceptance into the program. (Depending on when you apply for the program - you will be given only upto 2 weeks). Payment secures your place and is not refunded if you decide to withdraw from the program. The deposit amount for each trip is listed on the program webpage and the program application.

The balance due after payment of the deposit may then be paid in full or paid according to an installment plan set forth for each trip. Payment due dates are listed on the website and on the program application. If you are accepted into the program after payments are due, you are expected to become current with the missed payments.

Program Withdrawal: If you are no longer interested in participating in the program, you can withdraw by logging into your Application Portal

Refund Policy: Study Abroad and Global Programs must pay a variety of expenses such as airfare deposits and hotel accommodation fees before a program departs. Therefore, it is not possible to refund a participant in-full if a student drops out of a program. The following policies apply to a program withdrawal and can only be modified in exceptional situations:

1. The $50.00 application fee is non-refundable.
2. The program deposit is non-refundable.
3. Program fees (after deposit) are refunded as follows:

  • 90 days or more before the start of the program – 75% of the program fees will be refunded less the non-refundable deposit
  • 60-89 days before the start of the program – 50% of the program fees will be refunded less the non-refundable deposit
  • 1-59 days before the start of the program – No Refund

Programs must meet a minimum enrollment in order to operate. If minimum participation is not met the program may be cancelled. If this occurs, students may transfer into another program or a full refund will be issued.

* The Office of Study Abroad and Global Programs reserves the right to cancel any program, revise its offerings, or to make any adjustments to the preliminary cost estimates due to conditions beyond its control.