Important Forms


I just submitted my application. What do I do now?

Each program has a slightly different acceptance procedure, but for most program you will receive packet from our office.  If you have been accepted, the letter will contain additional information about your program, as well as forms for you to complete. If you need additional copies of the forms, you can download them below. 

Within 2 weeks of receiving your letter, you will need to return your documents as well as your non-refundable deposit.

Form (click for Form) Who Needs To Submit It
Waiver and Release Agreement WSU participants
Program Acceptance Form WSU participants
Program Withdrawal Form WSU participants who wish to withdraw from a program
Student Emergency Treatment Form WSU participants
Insurance Brochure All participants & WSU faculty and staff
Insurance Enrollment Form Participants purchasing insurance independently
Student Information Form Students who are asked to submit the form
Faculty Information Form Faculty Information Form All faculty participating in a program
Guest Information Form Guests of faculty and staff
Course Approval Form WSU exchange participants 
Study Abroad Participant Behavioral & Dismissal Policy All participants
Certificate of Final Course Registration WSU exchange participants 
Certificate of Presence WSU exchange participants 
Course Change Request Form - Add WSU exchange participants 
Course Change Request Form - Drop WSU exchange participants 

If you have questions about your application, or feel that too much time has gone by, please contact us at (313)577-3207.