Getting Lost

The best thing is to prevent yourself from getting lost in the first place.  If you are on an exchange or direct enroll, get help from the local program director or your host family.

If you are on a faculty-led program:

  • Until you know your way around, stay with the group. Don't linger to take photos or shop.
  • Carry your hotel's business card.
  • Memorize the metro stop that you get off at and the name of your hotel.

If you are separated from your group and don't know where your hotel is:

  • Look at it as an adventure. Don't panic.
  • Sit down in a well-lit, well-populated area while you make a plan.
  • If you do not have the address of your hotel, contact the Office of Study Abroad and Global Programs at 001-313-577-3207 during business hours or WSU Public Safety (who will then contact the after-hours Study Abroad personnel) at 001-313-577-2222 on evenings and weekends. (Remember that there will most likely be a time difference.)
  • If you have don't have the address of your hotel and can't get to a phone, have sympathetic locals or local authorities help you to get to the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.