Nightlife Precautions

With some caution and consideration, you can have a great time with friends in the evenings.  Some things to remember:

  • Alcohol plays a major role in the majority of accidents and injuries to US students abroad. If/when you drink, do so responsibly.
  • Learn about local customs and what is considered appropriate and inappropriate in social situations.  Try to blend in.
  • While abroad, you are subject to the laws of the country you are visiting, not to those of the US.  If you are arrested on any charge, you may face charges and conditions that are much more different than those at home.  For a special warning from the US State Department on drug charges, please visit
  • If you are a woman, be especially careful.  Travel in groups.  Never walk alone at night.  Do not feel that you must be polite if you are receiving unwanted advances.
  • Practice responsible and safe sex.