Japan Summer Homestay

Nagoya, Hiroshima, Toyota, Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan

Homestay program: A three credit course in the Department of CMLLC.  Students, will go to Japan, accompanied by the program conductor, in order to experience living with Japanese families in two different cities, Toyota and Hiroshima for two weeks.  During the homestay, they will have the opportunity to experience Japanese school life and learn about Japanese society through first-hand experience.  They will participate in various activities with their host families, visit local companies and factories to further their knowledge of Japanese culture and society, and explore Tokyo and the old capital city of Kyoto independently.  

The 2017 program will include a half day trip to Miyajima Shrine and Hiroshima Jogakuin University, and a seminar at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Park in order to further the participants' historical and scientific knowledge of nuclear power and the importance of world peace.  These program elements, including the intensive preparation prior to the trip, will open the door for the students to absorb new ideas and nurture their young minds while cultivating a broader global perspective. 

This is a part of multicultural and educational trip for the Wayne State University students in conjunction with the Toyota city government, Toyota International Association, Hiroshima city government, Hiroshima Jogakuin University, and local sponsors. One faculty will accompany the whole trip, except on the way back home. Participants will be expected to be highly responsible, punctual, and adaptable in different culture, and good representative of the Wayne State University.

Program Brochure

Pictures of WSU Students at Hiroshima Jogakuin University


Program Cost DOES NOT include tuition and associated fees

Total program cost includes lodging with a host family, 3 meals a day, student visa processing, airfare, in-country travel, class trips, and international insurance.

Additional Costs:
Meals during excursions, personal expenses, passport processing fees, tuition.

The Office of Study Abroad and Global Programs reserves the right to cancel this program, revise its offerings, or to make any adjustments to the preliminary cost estimates due to conditions beyond its control.

In addition to program cost, students will pay current published fees to WSU for 3 credit hours at the appropriate level through the normal tuition payment process. Students with questions regarding the tuition and fee assessment rate may contact Registration and Scheduling at (313) 577-3541 or view:  http://reg.wayne.edu/students/tuition-info.php

Payment Information:


Passport and Visa:
In order to travel to Japan, you will need a passport which is valid for 6 months after your return date.

Students are eligible to receive a departmental grant. Please contact Contact Rie Masuda at rmasuda@wayne.edu for more information or pick up an application form in 163/165 Manoogian Hall.


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Nagoya, Hiroshima, Toyota, Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan

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Course work

Academic Focus: Language and Culture Studies in Japan

When you study language and culture in Japan, you have the opportunity to explore traditional Japanese culture and perfect your language skills through living with a Japanese family.  

Courses: Culture Studies: Homestay and Study Tour Program in Japan 2017 (Gen. Ed.)

JPN 2800 Homestay and Study Tour Program In Japan 3cr.
ASN 2800 Homestay and Study Tour Program In Japan 3cr.

Language and cultural training sessions and lectures of Japanese history prior to the trip, homework, 2 essays, poster board presentations and an oral presentation are required. Students are required to record their experiences during the trip either by diary (journal) or video camera.

This is an educational trip.  The students must complete the trip as it is scheduled.  No dependents are allowed during the trip.  Students must accommodate each host-family's customs and manners.  The program will not cover any other costs rather than what has been planned.  Therefore, if the participant decides not to stay with the home-stay accommodation or fails to stay in the program he/she is responsible for his/her own accommodation and transportation during the trip.  If students are planning to stay longer in Japan you can make such arrangement at your cost by yourself.


1) Orientations
2) Preparatory assignment before the trip (Japanese and English)
3) Successful completion of the program trip
4) Questionnaires and surveys about the trip
5) Essay about cultural survey (in English)
6) Essay about Japanese history and culture (in English)
7) Power point presentation of the homestay experience to community or school
8) Thank you card to host families

Faculty: Rie Masuda rmasuda@wayne.edu

Required Textbooks and other materials:

Bushido (1998) Kodansha ISBN# 4-7700-2402-9

Hiroshima (1989) Vintage  ISBN# 0-679-72103-7

Illustrated living Japanese style (1984) JTB ISBN# 4-533-01350-3

Course packet for languageand culture training/ Reserve books for history / culture

Prerequisites and Eligibility:
Undergraduate and graduate Wayne State University students who have completed JPN 1010, JPN 1020 or with instructor approval. Students from other universities and colleges interested in receiving college level credits are also eligible.

Selection of applicants is done on a rolling basis; students are evaluated and considered for admission throughout the academic year. You will be notified of your acceptance status by Rie Masuda. If you wish to participate, you will be required to sign and return the Decision Form and Waiver and Release Statement to accept the terms of the program and secure your place.

Apply now

Priority Application Deadline: March 31, 2017

Complete on online application and attach the following: 

Contact Rie Masuda at rmasuda@wayne.edu