Returning Students

You're home—now what?

While abroad, you have experienced something that opened your mind, changed your perspective of the world, and hopefully excited you about the possibility of future travel. When returning  familiar surroundings you should expect a similar adjustment coming home as you did when you went away. You may have changed in ways that you didn't expect, and while friends and family will be interested to hear your stories and see your photos, they cannot understand the amazing things you have experienced without experiencing themselves. Consider this when trying to adjust to being home. These feelings are very common and don’t go away overnight.

Helpful Tips...

  • stay in touch with your friends from your program/plan reunion events
  • journal your travel experience
  • share your experiences abroad as well as your re-entry experiences with other study abroad participants and other university students wanting information about your program
  • get involved in local, international, and cultural activities

Developmental Changes

Common changes from being abroad:

  • improved foreign language skills
  • diverse cultural knowledge and communication skills
  • greater ability to empathize with others of different cultures
  • greater understanding your strength and weaknesses
  • increased self confidence
  • increased assertiveness
  • greater capacity to accept differences in others
  • increased awareness in other cultures
  • more adventurous
  • new outlook
  • increased patience
  • changed values and beliefs
  • open-mindedness
  • maturity
  • adaptability

Transitions Abroad Travel Writing Contest

After your return, you can particiapte in the Transitions Abroad Student Writing Contest. In your submission you can discuss your study abroad experience. Along with cash prices ranging from $50 to $500 for the top 4 submissions, you will be published on the Transitions Abroad website and/or in the monthly Webzine. For more information about this contest and applying, visit the website: